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49473Re: [scrumdevelopment] Keeping cross-cutting tasks visible (without technical stories)

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  • Malcolm Anderson
    Dec 1, 2010
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      Thanks Alan

      I agree, if you read between the lines, stewardship is already demanded.  But if PO's are not getting the message then we need inspect and adapt *how* we are sending that message.

      This is made more difficult because more and more POs are being drafted from the PM ranks. 
      I'm still seeing PMs drafted as Scrum Masters (because everyone knows that "Scrum Master" is Agile for "Project Manager".)  Thankfully for them, no one knows what a Scrum Master is, or does, so they HAVE to do research on it.

      (I just saw a job requirement yesterday that was looking for a PMP certified project manager "with strong agile and scrum experience."  There was no requirement for Certified Scrum Master, and certainly no requirement for Certified Product Owner.  This horrified me, but it's a sign of our times)

      As Scrum becomes more popular, we will have to re-educate more and more people. 
      The word "stewardship" clearly emphasize something that the scrum body takes for granted.

      I was kind of joking when I wrote the phrase "Product Owner Oath of Stewardship" but maybe it's not a bad idea. 


      On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 10:48 AM, Alan Dayley <alandd@...> wrote:

      Interesting point of view, Malcolm.  You may be pointing out a lack in emphasis on the Product Owner role in many training and use situations.  I don't think it is a fault of the Scrum framework, however.

      Phrases seen in Scrum writings with regard to the Product Owner role:  "...owns the ROI of the product..."  "..represents the customer..."  "...owns the Product Backlog..." and the odious "...single wringable neck..."  And even the title of the role means *owner* of the product.

      What part of these terms does not mean stewardship?  You are pointing out that Product Owners are not getting the message, *despite* what the Scrum training and literature states.  Maybe an oath would help but I don't think the message of product stewardship is lacking in Scrum.

      I had some other ideas to write but Ron was faster with his elaborations, which I don't think I can say any better.

      Nice discussions!


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