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49463Re: [scrumdevelopment] Anyone recommend an XP-equivalent of the SixPagesAboutScrum Guide available from Collabnet?

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  • Dave Rooney
    Nov 30, 2010


      Dave Rooney
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      On 30/11/2010 7:34 PM, Doug Shelton wrote:
      I've seen some good Scrum and KanBan "Quick Guides" out there, but nothing the same for XP.  I've articulated XP - based on some of the seminal books out there - as consisting of several core practices, including:

      (1) Use of “User Stories” for requirements


      (2) Development-to-shipping-product iteration lengths of 1 or 2 weeks


      (3) (Unit) Test-Driven Development: TDD


      (4) (Acceptance) Test-Driven Development: ATDD


      (5) Continuous, iterative refactoring during the iteration


      (6) Pair Programming


      (7) Continuous Build Integration


      Assuming there isn't a good definitive XP "Quick Guide" or web site definition posted out there already, does this look right?


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