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48779Re: [scrumdevelopment] Difficulties in convincing the management to follow scrum as the framework

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  • Rafael Fuchs
    Oct 4, 2010
      Hi Venkatesh

      I had a very similar problem in the company I was working on last year.
      All development team wanted to migrate to Agile, but the higher managers thought it was not good to do it.

      We were decided to change our process, no matter the opinion of others. This was risky, but we really wanted to do it.

      So we began doing little changes, one at a time... This way, the managers couldn't notice the changes. The set of changes we have implemented took about 4 months of work. When the managers ask something about it, we said it's something new to improve our work. We never said it was related to Agile.

      After a few months, we said to them "Look! Our is better now, don't you think? Welcome to Agile!".

      Some managers don't like to make changes... if you make the changes and show better results, they won't have arguments against it.
      It's risky to do something against their intentions, but you have authority to do something like this, it will be good.


      Rafael Fuchs
      +55 51 9993-8953

      On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 07:05, Venkatesh Kumar Mallingarajan <mvenkatesh_kumar@...> wrote:

      Dear All,

      I face difficulties in convincing my management to follow agile methodology using scrum.

      To be more detail. For the past years our company follows a kind of agile methodology which is not a complete agile. Also not successful in completing the project plan as there are lot of customer issues that has to be addressed immediately on that day.

      Since I completed Scrum Master training recently I tried to explain my Director about the framework. But management is not in a position to hear about the new changes.

      I would like to seek help from you guys how you all started the new changes in your career. Any suggestions are welcome. Please share your experience for me.

      Thanks in advance.

      Thanks & Regards

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