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48002Re: Thoughts on use of explicit Agile Modeling vs "emergent design"

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  • alexis.hui@gmail.com
    Aug 16, 2010
      Recommend reading Scott Amblers Agile Modeling Method if you haven't already. Discusses an agile way to do this. Also, being light on the modeling notation is a good idea (CRCs are helpful and so is Martin Fowlers UML distilled).

      Depending on the size of the project and complexity I will do more upfront modeling or not. In the spirit of agile, I find we model if "we" need to understand something together. Often, it becomes clear that the team needs some upfront modeling as you notice people speaking different languages or churn happens during planning or story writing. The key is on understanding vs specifying.

      Recommend spending at least an hour doing this with the team except for the most trivial of projects.

      -Alexis Hui
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