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47811Re: [scrumdevelopment] UX role in Scrum teams

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  • Wouter Lagerweij
    Jul 30, 2010
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      Hi Demetrius,

      There's a lot of discussion in this thread already about how to approach this kind of situation, and I agree mostly with Jean Claude that it's best to link it to the backlog preparation (getting stories READY). 

      But that probably won't get you out of this, as you'll have to convince your product owner that this will work as well or better then the current process. He seems (rightly) concerned with getting customer feedback early on, and thinks that can only be done using detailed screens and prototypes.
      One way you could approach him (depending on the current results) is by asking if you can *increase* customer/stakeholder participation by doing more frequent feedback sessions with them, before *and during* the sprint. 
      I realise that this is not always possible due to time contraints on the customer's side, but if you can try it, it should make it possible to integrate the UX work more into the sprint, and has the added bonus of making the work even more transparent to the customer.


      On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 12:44 AM, Demetrius Nunes <demetriusnunes@...> wrote:

      Hi there,

      Our customer is used to discuss, validate and accept user story definitions based on high fidelity screens and prototypes, which demands the UX people to work ahead of the developers, showing these prototypes to the customer. Only after that, the Product Owner feels comfortable to commit the story to the backlog.

      Is it acceptable for UX people to work ahead of the developers to prepare and design the user interfaces and interactions of user stories before the actual sprint where these stories will be built, or, ideally, UX should always be working together with the developers on the same stories in the same sprint?

      The Product Owner feels comfortable working this way, as long as the developers participate thru the whole process and the UX people support the developers during the sprints, but I fear this might be a sub-optimization of the process, although is hard to see it being done any other way, specially because our customer is very attached to the UX quality of the user interfaces.

      The PO likes to make an analogy with the auto industry, in the sense that there is a product concept, design and prototyping phase of a car (in which manufacturing engineers are also involved), before the actual manufacturing phase, where engineers will then do most of the work figuring out how to build the assembly line for that car. Is this a good analogy?

      Best regards,

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