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47516RE: [scrumdevelopment] Best scrum team award - good/bad?

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  • Steven Janvrin
    Jul 7, 2010
      My two cents -
      I asked the team (of which I am the CSM) what they thought of a "Scrum team of the month award".  Given that they are currently the only Scrum team in my business unit they thought the idea was great.
      I then went on to ask "how would you feel if there were multiple Scrum teams and you didn't win the award?"  Their answer was "we'd be mad at them and wouldn't want to work with them."
      Not a scientific test, but in my mind a useful one.  I remain opposed to the concept of a "best Scrum team" and any associated award.

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      Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 19:53:59 +0200
      Subject: Re: [scrumdevelopment] Best scrum team award - good/bad?

      That paper is actually supporting Pink's position, as it shows, as Pink says, that rewards and competition work *for tasks that don't need a lot of creativity*.

      Take care, Ilja

      2010/6/30 Paul Tiseo <paul_tiseo@comcast. net>


      I totally understand and empathize with your disagreement with me, as I once thought similarly. But, personal experience and emerging research has shown me otherwise and I've always prized myself as being agile of mind, not just method.

      As for reference, I feel like I am alone in an echo chamber. Did you not participate in the June thread on raises and promotions? (Link in my last email if you need a refresher.) Did you not get the copy of the research paper PDF I sent you personally?

      I look forward to your blog piece.

      On 6/30/2010 11:48 AM, Mark Levison wrote:

      Thank you Paul - you've inspired me to write a blog post. A few points you've asserted on several of occasions that Dan Pink is wrong. Can you provide us with a reference to that effect? My experience and reading of the literature is that competition will destroy cooperation.

      Paul if you think otherwise baseline the teams in your business, run a competition and measure the results. I'm not going to risk running this experiment with my clients.

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