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47515Re: [scrumdevelopment] Best scrum team award - good/bad?

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  • Ilja Preuß
    Jul 7, 2010
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      That paper is actually supporting Pink's position, as it shows, as Pink says, that rewards and competition work *for tasks that don't need a lot of creativity*.

      Take care, Ilja

      2010/6/30 Paul Tiseo <paul_tiseo@...>


      I totally understand and empathize with your disagreement with me, as I once thought similarly. But, personal experience and emerging research has shown me otherwise and I've always prized myself as being agile of mind, not just method.

      As for reference, I feel like I am alone in an echo chamber. Did you not participate in the June thread on raises and promotions? (Link in my last email if you need a refresher.) Did you not get the copy of the research paper PDF I sent you personally?

      I look forward to your blog piece.

      On 6/30/2010 11:48 AM, Mark Levison wrote:

      Thank you Paul - you've inspired me to write a blog post. A few points you've asserted on several of occasions that Dan Pink is wrong. Can you provide us with a reference to that effect? My experience and reading of the literature is that competition will destroy cooperation.

      Paul if you think otherwise baseline the teams in your business, run a competition and measure the results. I'm not going to risk running this experiment with my clients.



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