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47411Re: [scrumdevelopment] Best scrum team award - good/bad?

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  • Rajesh Velliyatt
    Jul 1, 2010
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      Good thought. This could be an alternate approach. 

      Wondering what could be the measures to set the bar, pass/fail test? 

      1. Velocity trend of the team ( Assumption: team is consistent with point estimation, *could be* influenced by the reward system? ) 
      2. Sprint execution effectiveness ( Burn down chart, Impediments raised and How the team dealt with impediments ) 
      3. Adherence to DoD ( Data comes from PO ) 
      4. Commitment/attitude of the team towards Scrum process ( Data comes from SM )

      Missing any other important aspects?  


      On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 8:39 PM, Paul Tiseo <paul_tiseo@...> wrote:


      Instead of being a "top 1" award, simply make it a level or threshold all teams can strive for. Assuming all teams adopt scrum well, then you will enter into an unrewarding "splitting of hairs" as to who is best. Simply make it a pass/fail test with all-hands evaluation.

      And, IMO on Mr. Levinson's post, you need to be careful. Dan Pink puts forth a view that is based on slightly outdated research. More current research indicates a more complex reality. This list had a debate on this issue and you can find it on the group's yahoo archives, starting here:

      (904) 382-5704 (cell)

      On 6/30/2010 5:48 AM, Rajesh Velliyatt wrote:

      We have several scrum teams in the BU, associated to different product developments. In order to promote adoption of agile and create a healthy competition between the teams, management team is thinking of a "best scrum team of the quarter" award. 

      What could be the possible downside of such an award system? 

      Few things I can think of are, 
      - Subjective ( like any other such system ) 
      - If all teams are doing well ( or even otherwise ), picking one among them can pull other teams down
      - May work against collaboration across teams
      - Too much overhead ( data collection ) to substantiate "we are best of the pack" to the panel ( for the scrum master? )
      - Different product teams, no apple-to-apple comparison

      Am I being paranoid?. Please share your thoughts.


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