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47410Re: [scrumdevelopment] Best scrum team award - good/bad?

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  • Rajesh Velliyatt
    Jul 1, 2010

      Bachan, Regarding.. 
      >>Would be interested in knowing the reason behind creating healthy competition?

      Speed up agile/scrum adoption by Recognizing/Rewarding the team leading the pack. 
      Teams have already gone through training. Coaching is in progress with individual teams. 

      On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 11:15 PM, Bachan Anand <bachans@...> wrote:


      On 6/30/2010 2:48 AM, Rajesh Velliyatt wrote:

      We have several scrum teams in the BU, associated to different product developments. In order to promote adoption of agile and create a healthy competition between the teams, management team is thinking of a "best scrum team of the quarter" award. 

      I have experiences with such healthy competition turning to un-healthy in a very short term. Teams started comparing Velocity and wanted to standardize on story points .It also lead to each Scrum team starting to work in silos and not really collaborating with other teams working on the same product. What helped was to start having mentoring / coaching session involving people from different teams to that they can learn from each other .

      What could be the possible downside of such an award system? 

      Few things I can think of are, 
      - Subjective ( like any other such system ) 
      - If all teams are doing well ( or even otherwise ), picking one among them can pull other teams down
      - May work against collaboration across teams
      - Too much overhead ( data collection ) to substantiate "we are best of the pack" to the panel ( for the scrum master? )
      - Different product teams, no apple-to-apple comparison

      Am I being paranoid?. Please share your thoughts.
      Would be interested in knowing the reason behind creating healthy competition?

      If you objective is to spread what works best and to motivate others in the organization to adopt agile  , my suggestion to have these coaching circles or mentoring circles that goes across different teams. To clarify what I mean is to promote / encourage team members from different team share lessons learned , what work best etc through lunch and learn session , master mind groups and Scrum clinics kind of setting . If you would like to have more details on any of these feel free to shoot any questions.


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