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47078Is it ethical to test the software without testing the value behind it?

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  • Ahmed ALmahdy
    Jun 3, 2010
      I believe that "testing" is not software testing only, but it should have a serious test to the value behind this software.
      This picture may clarify my point of view
      I wonder, how can we test this value? I found an answer in Agile (scrum) which is sotry writing.
      Yes, the way of writing stories, I think we should use "so that" or "In order to" or similar templates but not sure if it is enough.
      Did you find any other practices that helped you to test the value behind the software from your client perspective ?
      Lately, we created a group for a focused discussion, I recommend it if you are interested.
      "Software and Value Testing"
      Best Regards,

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