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  • majkic.sensei
    May 6, 2010
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      I would suggest two ideas here.

      First is less risky. At start of every quarter, you should have consensus (management and team) about projects/modules/tasks/etc. which the team should finish at the end of quarter. Then bonus is calculated as:


      Usually base_money_value = percent*salary

      This way every team member gets same percent of his/her salary as a bonus and bonus depends mostly on team success.

      Second method is more risky and I would suggest this one for teams with resolved dysfunctions (almost) completely. If you have fixed amount of money for team bonus, let the team decide how to split sum to team members. Write team member names on board, put some number (20 for example) of sticky dots and let the team decide how many dots they should move under every name. When they finish, situation will be clear - every dot = 5% of complete bonus.

      Let me explain something here. Scrum doesn't claim that all team members should be paid equally, but all team members should be treated equally. Salary policy for different positions and people, as well as salary negotiations are out of Scrum scope, right?


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "phenner@..." <amphenner@...> wrote:
      > Since Scrum is team based and you are evaluated as a team instead of an individual conributor, how are companies handling promotions and raises?
      > Our department has just moved everyone over to using Scrum and this is something that has not been solved yet.
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