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  • strazhce
    May 6, 2010
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      Hi, phenner (and Peter),

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "phenner@..." <amphenner@...> wrote:
      > Since Scrum is team based and you are evaluated as a team instead of an individual conributor, how are companies handling promotions and raises?
      > Our department has just moved everyone over to using Scrum and this is something that has not been solved yet.

      I'll give my view on this:

      1. First some context.
      Our company is very pragmatic (not agile). Our development projects done in-house are very agile, at least internally. There is similarity to your situation - whole projects are evaluated. Specific individuals are not, our management sees personal evaluation as a bad practice - and they have my thanks for that.

      2. How we do professional development:
      Our professional ladder is based on Construx ladder: http://www.construx.com/Page.aspx?nid=244. We promote people based on skills and competence. Employee performance on the project is NOT evaluated, but it is taken into account: how do you perform, do you keep your promises, are you reliable, do you take initiative etc. You receive feedback from your PM or peers as well, esp. when you are working to go up on the ladder.

      Professional ladder is not directly connected to work you do (e.g. testing, analysis, development, project management) nor your wage, but it implies these things. People on higher positions are more capable doing work without further guidance, tend to be team leaders and project managers.

      Our HR has very little to do with promotions. Surprise, surprise :-)

      3. What Peter proposes is a solid advice - wait a bit with changes.
      I see some problems with this:
      - people won't know, what should they do to get promoted.
      - HR: see above - our HR has very little to do with. Only one IT professional may evaluate qualities of the other IT professional. Some senior people/management from your company should specify, what employees should learn in order to be more valuable to your company. More valuable => get promotion, get more money.

      I hope this helps.

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