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46723Re: Getting to Self Managing/Self Organising teams

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  • Don MacIntyre
    May 1, 2010
      When you teach a team how to implement Scrum, you teach them to be self-organized.

      I don't consider there to be any 'letting' involved. Scrum teams are self-organized and should be coached to that end from day one.

      You cannot simply flip a switch to make a group of individuals a cohesive and highly collaborative self organized Scrum team.

      There is always some degree of transition.

      A coaches job is to describe how you like them to work as a team and then coach them toward goal. It may take an iteration, it may many iterations, but don't expect them to be perfect out of the shoot. Strive for continuous improvement.

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Ajithesh Hegde <ajithesh.gh@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I was reading an article titled "Scrum and Group Dynamics" by Jorgen
      > Fors PMP that is available on scrum alliance site. He has briefly
      > explained the two theories viz. FIRO and CAT and has made observations
      > of their impact in a Scrum environment.
      > As part of my coaching teams into adopting Scrum, I had made some
      > observations. The ScrumMasters often asked me if they can let their
      > teams to be self managing and self organised in the very first go.
      > They felt that their teams were not mature enough to immediately
      > transition to such a mode.
      > I then thought that a gradual transition to such a scrum team model is
      > warranted. When I read Jogen's article that I have mentioned above, I
      > felt that his article too is suggesting a similar movement indicating
      > that the ScrumMaster might need to change his leadership style in
      > accordance with the changing mode of the team.
      > In this light, my queries as follows:
      > 1. Do you agree with Jorgen's views on Scrum w.r.t. FIRO and CAT theories?
      > 2. Do you agree that a gradual transition would be better for the
      > Scrum team to make to land in the finally desired self managing/self
      > organised state? ScrumMaster needs to ensure such a smooth transition
      > of course.
      > 3. Wouldn't it be good if Scrum also deals with this subject of
      > gradual transition to making it to the final desired team behaviour?
      > I have also written separately to Ken Shwaber (ken.schwaber@...)
      > to know his opinion and answers.
      > Rgds
      > Ajithesh
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