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4655RE: [scrumdevelopment] SCRUM performance measurements

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  • Mike Cohn
    Sep 29 10:13 AM
      Hi Patrick--
      Sorry for taking a few days to reply but I was working on exactly this
      question for a team this week and wanted to have solid answers.

      This team used a waterfall process from 2001-2003. I switched them to Scrum
      at the start of this year. They write in Java. Here are some measurements:

      2001-03 2004
      Lines of code per programmer-month 389 1206
      Defects per thousand lines 10 2.9

      Some code metrics as measured in Feb 2004 (2 months after Scrumming started)
      and today. These show improvements in the code being written:

      2/04 9/04
      # of packages 43 118
      # of classes 718 1,128
      # of methods 10,451 14,424
      lines of code 119,950 145,897
      lines per class 159 121
      Methods per class 14.6 12.8
      Lines per class 10 8.4
      Cyclomatic complexity 2.3 2.1

      Keep in mind that things like "methods per class" going down so much means
      the new code written using Scrum went down even further because the overall
      average is shown above, not just totals for the new code in the right

      Note that throughout, lines of code is "non-comment source statements". A
      caveat: I didn't count the JSP lines in the 2001-2003 version (not many of
      them as much had been migrated back into servlets) or the velocity templates
      in the 2004 system. If those were measured, things would look even better
      for the latter metrics.

      I think these show a very compelling advantage to Scrum. This team became
      more than 300% as productive (as measured my lines, which is somewhat
      questionable as a measure) and has 80% fewer defects. More importantly, the
      CEO is ecstatic about what the team has achieved. They're 3x faster in lines
      but are probably 10x in delivering business value. For example, the team's
      best programmer spent all of 2003 on a feature that has still not been used
      ONCE. That doesn't happen with Scrum.

      Let me know if you have any questions,

      --Mike Cohn
      Author of User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development

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      While introducing SCRUM to software organisations, the question pops up of
      what *bottom-line* improvements can be expected - decreasing number of bugs,
      lower cost of quality, faster time to deliver, ...
      My question is whether there are people out there, that have actually
      measured such improvements, and whether such measurements have been
      collected ? Are there experiences in using such measurements to actually
      track progress of introducing SCRUM into an organisation ?
      All input welcome.


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