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46514RE: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum master's effort tracking

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  • Roy Morien
    Apr 19, 2010
      What is 'velocity'?  It is a measure of the amount of development achieved by the team in a sprint, measured in whatever unit of measurement the team has decided ... user story points, whatever.
      So there is no concept of including anyone's 'effort' or 'time', just development achievement as measured.
      Presumably the project is being costed, so the Scrum Master's cost would be included in the project cost. And project cost has nothing to do with measuring team velocity.
      Any attempt at measuring 'productivity' using 'velocity' is irrelevant and useless too.
      Roy Morien

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      Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:33:32 +0000
      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum master's effort tracking

      I have a query on scrum master's effort tracking.
      If a project has dedicated scrum master who is not doing any development tasks, but only monitoring Scrum process, do we have to consider his effort while calculating velocity? How and where his effort gets accounted?


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