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45554Re: Scrum and Traceability

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  • pauloldfield1
    Mar 2, 2010
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      (responding to Hillel)

      > Were Ron or George or many others on this list to assure that
      > traceability exists due to "other things they do", I'm quite
      > sure they have the experience to ensure that, indeed, those
      > other things accomplish the same outcome that traceability
      > practices are meant to perform.

      IMHO Traceability, of itself, has no value. However some of the
      things that we DO value may be achieved readily if we have
      Traceability. On the other hand, it is possible that they
      may be achieved more readily by means that do not include
      the ability to trace - say by checking the desired property
      directly. I hope that's an acceptable 'paraphrase'?

      > Unfortunately, most people in this field today aren't where
      > the experts in the field are and need more blunt forms of
      > traceability to mitigate the risks associated with managing
      > code that's changing over time, space, and multitudes of people
      > touching it that describes the context in which many
      > systems created by inexperienced people exist.

      Hmm... for many people, "Monkey see, Monkey do". I hope that's
      an acceptable 'paraphrase'? :-)

      Paul Oldfield
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