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43897Cost-Effectiveness aka the biggest bang for the buck

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  • Maurice le Rutte
    Jan 2, 2010
      bmwpapa schreef:

      Maurice seems to think that I want "everything" , but I'm willing to pay "nothing". However, I'm really just stating the obvious preference for cost-effectiveness. I want the biggest bang for the buck. Who doesn't?


      It was more of an observation that very often people query about a tool and then state that they are not very willing to pay for it, not a comment specifically too you. Of course everybody wants cost-effectiveness, but that is with everything you buy. What is cost effective depends on your situation and can't be judged by me, so asking for something cost-effective to others might not give you the answer that matches your preferences the best.

      If a person would ask you where he can get something to eat and then states that the meal may not cost to much but it should preferably a lot than you are more likely to refer the person to a fast-food restaurant rather than to a haute cuisine. Obviously the experience is completely different. So it might be better to first find out what the person would expect, after which you can always decide that haute cuisine is not what you want.

      On the other hand, developers are expensive. Loosing market is expensive. Developer stations also cost quite some money, as do desks, heating etc etc. That is all accepted, but we don't want to spend money on a tool that could save money.

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