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4348RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum v. PMBoK

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  • Cook Linda
    Sep 2, 2004
      What would it take to arrange a few sessions with folks in a leadership role
      in PMI with a few folks from the agile & SCRUM camps? Perhaps a forum at
      one of the conferences? If enough folks are interested, how could we get
      this started?

      Linda M. Cook, CSM
      Delivery Manager
      Arbitron Inc.

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      Hi Mike,

      > I'm part of another group that has been in discussions about writing a
      > whitepaper comparing agile management techniques to the PMBOK. But, if
      > I do that I can't link to the PMI on my site if I say any negative
      > comments about the PMBOK. From what I can tell of them, I don't know
      > what they'd consider a "negative or disparaging reference." It could
      > be as little as "And one place where Scrum offers a tiny, tiny
      > improvement over the PMBOK is..." Just say that and the PMI Police
      > could be at my door.

      If I understand you correctly then you take a 'them vs. us' approach. What I
      read in the original posting was more 'us added to them'. Ie. add the agile
      tools to the toolbox that's called PMBOK. Naive maybe.


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