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43085RE: [scrumdevelopment] Agile Career path

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  • Roy Morien
    Nov 23, 2009
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    This has been a problem in IT since the beginning of (IT) time. The competent programmer is 'promoted' to be an analyst, an may be a not very competent analyst. The competent analyst is 'promoted' to be the usually incompetent manager. Peter's Principle applies well here ... "People are promoted to their level of incompetence, at which point they cannot be promoted further".
    Some IT companies, such as DEC, recognised thios problem and made career paths for programmers in parallel with career paths for managers etc.
    But, the IT world is different now ... old competencies are no longer relevant frequently ... career 'paths' have changed ... do we have many 'pure' programmers now? Certainly in agile methods the 'roles' seem to have merged somewhat to be 'developers' in a multi-skille team. Being a wunderkind FORTRAN programmer no longer seems to have the attraction that it might have had 25 years ago.
    Just out of interest, I have attached a conference paper that I wrote 17 years ago. Maybe you will find it interesting. I would be happy to receive any comments on its relevance today, and if the situation has changed radically or at all since 1994. I am thinking of republishing the paper with a 2009 update.
    Roy Morien

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    Because some career paths you picked when you were 20 turn out to be dead ends a few years later due to changing market conditions. Be the mammal, not the dinosaur.

    Just saying.

    On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 11:15 AM, Adam Sroka <adam.sroka@gmail. com> wrote:
    < rant >

    Why do people insist that "career advancement" involves changing
    roles? If you like what you are doing keep doing it and get better at
    it. If you don't like what you are doing do something else. DO NOT
    take people who are good at something and force them to do something
    else so that they can make more money. Unless it is actually your goal
    to build a culture of incompetence (Which appears to be the case at
    most corporations. )

    < / rant >

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