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42493Re: [scrumdevelopment] Tracking Actual Hours

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  • Alan Dayley
    Nov 4 5:48 PM
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      Members of our Scrum teams track hours for accounting and tax
      purposes. They record hours spent on their project so tax benefits
      from R&D credits or other such things can be accounted.

      And actual hours worked is NEVER fed back into the team or the Scrum
      process. Even when we did try to estimate tasks in ideal days we did
      not track actuals against the estimates or anything like that. Once
      we have a way to calculate velocity with story points, there is little
      added value in tracking actuals to more detail than that.

      I suggest you ask the entire team, including Product Owner and
      ScrumMaster, who uses the actuals data and what they use it for. If
      no one ever looks at the data, now or weeks later, it is waste to
      track it. It may be that people are doing because they think they
      must or think there is value. Question the assumption and eliminate
      whatever does not bring value to the team and company.


      On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 12:00 PM, cloud_strife62301
      <officeofthelaw@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Recently I've started at a new company that has been trying to implement Scrum, and there's been several practices that naturally need a bit or work or even removal, but there's one that has really been bugging me: tracking actuals.
      > As a member of the dev team, each day I get an email from the Scrum Master asking me to please burn down our hours for the tasks I've been working on. This means, in Rally they've been filling in the "actuals" daily to "accurately" track time spent on tasks, which devs have to enter AGAIN into the corporate time tracking system, and AGAIN if they're from a contractor. :(
      > Anyway, the whole "actuals" really annoyed me... in my experience, one should be more focused on actual outputs rather than tracking the number of hours spent on each task. Sadly, when I brought this to the ScrumMaster's attention, he was able to find numerous articles mentioning tracking actual hours on tasks on the Scrum Alliance site and even pointed out that Rally and the scrum templates you can find just about anywhere on the net have fields to enter estimated hours vs. actual hours.
      > Seriousy... WTF!?
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