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41926Handling disruption

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  • Archer, Jonathan
    Oct 15, 2009
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      Handling disruption

      Hi all,

      I have a situation where, occasionally, an issue with a production system will percolate all the way through our layers of support and end up with me, and I need to potentially divert a person or two from a scrum team to investigate said issue.

      Now when this takes one engineer a couple hours or so, its normally OK and our sprint isnt jeopardized in any way. But when its something meatier that occupies a couple of engineers for a couple of days things can go awry and we dont manage to get done every story we originally committed to.

      Assuming other people also have this situation, how are you dealing with it?

      -       Just accept that some sprints will have reduced velocity for dealing with things like this?

      -       Abandon the sprint if the interruption is truly enormous?

      -       Make our PO duke it out with whomever is asking for the support?

      -       Build in more slack?

      -       Other?



      Jonathan Archer

      Senior Engineering Manager | Perceptive Informatics

      jon.archer@... // +1 303 258 3306 // AIM: jrauk72 // @9200feet

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