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  • Inanc Gumus
    Oct 14, 2009
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      After some analysis, we've split our user stories into many small user stories. A story had been estimated at 20 points (and was taken 2 weeks to implement (sprints)). We've split another story which has estimated at 20 points into 10-15 small stories (in average each story estimated at 1 to 2 points). Each story has a business value attached and has a single acceptance criteria. Our velocity btw is 13-15 points.

      A developer from our team having a difficulty, says that: 'having these kind of tiny stories makes us to work very collaboratively which is -bad. Because we'r only working with a single story at the same time, rest of the developers doing nothing just pairing with me (pair? 3 developers on the same machine!). Because they'r completing their tasks in a half days work.'

      What do you think? Is this safe? I've some ideas but first wanted to hear from you.
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