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41805Re: [!! SPAM] Re: [scrumdevelopment] What does agile really mean?

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  • Joshua Partogi
    Oct 9, 2009
      On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 10:26 AM, Dan Rawsthorne
      <dan.rawsthorne@...> wrote:
      > Two words, two definitions:
      > Agile (capital A) is about the Agile Manifesto, etc
      > agile (small a) is about adapting to change, inspect and adapt, etc
      > Scrum is about agility, not Agility. Scrum can be (and often is) used
      > for Agile projects.
      > Agility is a set of values, agility is a process/framework/process.

      Nice writeup Dan! Really clear explanation. In Cambridge dictionary
      agile basically means: "the ability to move quickly and easily" which
      kinda pickup where most people thought that agile is about "delivering
      software quickly" when it could also be interpreted as "able to adapt
      quickly". I reckon the meaning in merriam-webster would make more
      sense what agile really means: "having a quick resourceful and
      adaptable character".

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