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41741Re: Technical quality advocator

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  • Inanc Gumus
    Oct 7, 2009
      Hello Lance,
      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "extremeprogrammer" <LanceWalton@...> wrote:
      > Let's take the obvious quality problem of a defect. If there is a defect, then something that you've spent time doing does not deliver the value to the business that it was supposed to. In that case, you could have not done that piece of work, because the decision has evidently been made that the business can now do without it.

      I didn't understand what do you mean here. Do you mean: Business wants something and doing defected work giving them nothing?

      > Now let's think about internal quality issues. This one is actually harder for me. I like high quality code (by my definition of quality). When I produce and work with good quality code, I feel I'm doing a good job and that I can respond to the business needs faster and more reliably. Many people believe something different. I'm no longer interested in arguing with those people. They make their own hell and for the past seven or eight years I have arranged not to have to join them in it. I'm sure others will offer different advice on this one.

      My original question actually is: Who should coach the team to produce quality code? If there is no one, than if the whole team believes in pragmatism, what should we do if they produce defectful work?
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