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41684Re: [scrumdevelopment] Technical quality advocator

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Oct 2, 2009
      Inanc Gumus wrote:
      > As a SM, I advocate about technical quality standards to the team.
      > But, most of the team members usually resist this kind of actions.

      These two sentences tell me something. They tell me that you're not
      communicating with the team members in a way that entices them to
      follow. You've received many responses about why the team /should/ care
      more about the technical quality, but I'm not convinced that these
      responses will help you communicate that care to the team.

      Instead, I suggest looking at Dale Emery's "Resistance as a Resource"
      material on dhemery.com It's not easy to do what you want to do, but I
      think that might help.

      - George

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      Software Development http://www.idiacomputing.com
      Consultant and Coach http://www.agilemaryland.org
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