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41119Re: Estimates changing drastically during the iteration

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  • sschuermann303
    Sep 4, 2009
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Wagner
      <wagner.andrew@...> wrote:
      > Our team is finding that when we go to actually implement a piece of
      > functionality, sometimes we realize that our estimates during the
      > meeting were way off. Thus, we have to get together and re-determine
      > stories we can actually get done during the iteration, and what we

      One big thing on Scrum is: There is peace while the sprint is in
      progress. No re-estimates.
      No Changes of priority. Let the people work. There is chance of inspect
      and adapt on the END
      of the sprint.

      > including meeting with the PO to get a "priorities" perspective. Note
      > this isn't a change like "oh, and we need this added to the feature
      > but "oh crap, we can't do this this way on our architecture, we have
      to do
      > it this completely different way". Is this normal? How can it be
      > The PO asked us yesterday how he's supposed to trust our estimates,
      > frankly, I thought it was a very valid question.

      If you feel the need for work on the ongoing sprint, lets face it and
      finish the sprint, clean with
      review and retrospective. Deploy, get a day where you do new estimates
      and go.
      There is NO reason for re-estimating during a sprint, the question is:
      Are the developers getting the
      things done they commited to.
      Why he is supposed to trust the estimates? Because you guys are the
      programmers, and if executed right,
      the estimations will be way better than the ones from anybody else in
      your organization.
      it's a programmers job and noone elses. Lack of trust from the PO is a
      problem. Lack of trust from you is
      (if youre the SM) is a crisis. Did everybody commit to the prime
      directive? Doesn't sound like the PO agreed
      to that one really.

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