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41113Re: [scrumdevelopment] Estimates changing drastically during the iteration

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  • Andrew Wagner
    Sep 4, 2009
      Why are they several hours long?

      There are typically two planning meetings for each iteration (at least for the two that we've done so far):
        - In the first, we get an understanding of the story, and do a high-level (planning-poker-based) story estimate. In this, we try to avoid talking about implementation details completely, because it feels like the wrong level of abstraction.
        - In the second, we break the story estimate into tasks, divvy out the tasks, and whoever gets the task provides their estimate.

      Both just tend to take several hours, I'm not sure how to answer "why". Note that we are still (at this point) estimating in terms of hours, not points.
      How do you imagine you could get good estimates without
      understanding the design impact of the story?

      Agreed, and we do try to quickly get a grasp of the design when doing our task-level estimates, but it seems like when we sit down to actually do the work, other things come up and things spin out of control. Part of this, too, is that it seems like any work that we do in estimating the work before we actually commit to doing it in an iteration is a liability, isn't it?
      Sorry about your cow ... I didn't know she was sacred.

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