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4009Re: [scrumdevelopment] Tasks no longer than 16 hours

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  • Boris Gloger
    Jul 30, 2004
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      seems you want to plan upfornt - is always this issue that leads to
      your problem

      - you do not need to worry about this - I mean, do you best in
      planning as you can, if you know exactly what is going to be done,
      write it done - if not, not. If you have a 4days task, ok. The one who
      will start working on this task will be able to adjust and maybe will
      create 2 single tasks or will add 4 additional ones. It is up to him.

      A four our planning meeting with 24 developers - to much - from my
      point of view. I would work with a Scrum of Scrum. Let select the
      backlog items by your Scrum Masters and they will then work out the
      tasks within their teams. If you have dependencies - work them out
      during the sprint.


      On 29.07.2004, at 23:10, Joel wrote:

      > I guess that I need reminding about the rules or to tap into some
      > practical experiences. Large tasks with lower priority get onto the
      > Product Backlog with large chunks of estimated time, right? The
      > term "place holders" comes to mind.
      > When, and who breaks down these into small tasks and does everyone
      > stick with the 16 hour maximum rule?
      > Is this the job of the team during Sprint Planning Phase 2, without
      > the Product Owner?
      > I am preparing for the training and first sprint of a new project
      > team. They will have 24 people on the team, working from multiple
      > locations, the breakdown into sub-teams will be done during the
      > Sprint Planning meeting. They will be coming together for the
      > initial training and the Sprint Planning Meeting. It seems
      > cumbersome to be doing the breakdown in a room with 24 people in it,
      > and a lot of 16 hour tasks to be created.
      > How have others done this?
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