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4008Re: [scrumdevelopment] Tasks no longer than 16 hours

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  • bschatz@primavera.com
    Jul 29, 2004

      The sub-teams should break down the tasks and the Product Owner should be there to help if clarification is needed. Sub-teams should also communicate if there are things that they are depending on each other for. We stick to the 16hr rule as best we can, it's going to be an ongoing effort until everyone understands the reason for doing it.

      Additional advice...when the teams are formed, make sure they go through a teambuilding exercise to give themselves an identity (team name or logo), and they establish their common goal/mission, and how the team will add value to the project. It is important for the team to learn the strenghts of each player, and figure out how they are going to optimize what they've got.


      "Joel" <jadams@...>

      07/29/2004 05:10 PM

      Please respond to

      [scrumdevelopment] Tasks no longer than 16 hours

      I guess that I need reminding about the rules or to tap into some
      practical experiences.  Large tasks with lower priority get onto the
      Product Backlog with large chunks of estimated time, right?  The
      term "place holders" comes to mind.
      When, and who breaks down these into small tasks and does everyone
      stick with the 16 hour maximum rule?
      Is this the job of the team during Sprint Planning Phase 2, without
      the Product Owner?  
      I am preparing for the training and first sprint of a new project
      team.  They will have 24 people on the team, working from multiple
      locations, the breakdown into sub-teams will be done during the
      Sprint Planning meeting.  They will be coming together for the
      initial training and the Sprint Planning Meeting.  It seems
      cumbersome to be doing the breakdown in a room with 24 people in it,
      and a lot of 16 hour tasks to be created.
      How have others done this?

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