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  • Dan Rawsthorne
    Jul 16, 2009
    This is such a common problem it is the topic of one of the chapters in
    my (in process) book. The title is "Adjusting Sprint Content", and a PDF
    is attached

    Dan Rawsthorne, PhD, CST
    Senior Coach, Danube Technologies
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    duncan.smith99 wrote:
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    > wrote:
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    > > Hi,
    > > would like to hear your opinion on this matter:
    > > The sprint is 2 days old and we find out that one of the stories is
    > not needed, so we skip it.
    > > The Product Manager (not the PO) comes to the standup and asks us to
    > exchange the story with another one which has equal story points.
    > > What would you do?
    > > Of course, one obvious point is, that the PM is a chicken so he should
    > not speak at all at the standup...
    > If the Product Owner decides to change priorities mid-Sprint (and only
    > the Product Owner can do this), the Scrum mechanism for this is to
    > abnormally terminate the Sprint and have a new Sprint Planning meeting,
    > where the reason for the termination is reviewed.
    > It seems reasonable for the Product Owner to remove a story that was
    > selected for the Sprint. If the Team completes its Sprint work and has
    > capacity for more, they can ask the Product Owner for the next highest
    > priority item that will fit in the remainder of the Sprint.
    > Duncan Smith
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