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3958Re: Benefits of joining ScrumAlliance

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  • John A Thomson
    Jul 21, 2004
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      Hi Deb,

      > And on that note - how about we wrap voting up on Friday night?
      > will have given both weekend and weekday readers a chance. From
      > point the pigs can (flock? what do pigs do? oh, Scrum! :-) and
      > how to move forward.
      Sounds good to me.

      I can't recall what we call a "collection" of pigs but we could
      use "forage" as our call to action!

      > You can also volunteer to be a "pig" on the project there.
      > So far, voting has been light (understatement, for a list of 800

      It is worth noting that all pigs will be worked hard. Chickens who
      oink need not apply :-D.



      John A Thomson - CSM
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