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39436Scrum Teams Finishing Most Work in Last Third of Sprint: PROBLEM or NO??

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  • redbull1214
    Jun 30, 2009
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      Hi Everyone,

      I am facilitating 3 scrum teams (4 at one point in time before I consolidated 2 into 1).

      I've noticed that most of the teams here have a propensity to finish "most" of their tasks (like 60%) in the last third of the sprint.

      After more than 7+ sprints for each team, they are averaging 82-87% completion % overall.. The teams are on an upward trend in terms of story points completed (maybe 5-10% growth per iteration) and scoring/ estimates are becoming more standardized (that is, team members more readily agree on each other's estimates with LESS conversation during the planning meeting),..

      From a facilitator perspective, should I be alarmed about this?

      If so, what are some of the mechanisms you like to use to keep the burndown on a more even pace throughout the sprint cycle??

      Please advise.

      James ;)
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