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39426Re: Extending a Sprint

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  • banshee858
    Jun 29 8:07 PM
      > No. Nein. Wrong. Negatory.
      > Do you get a couple of extra days to finish your christmas shopping? Pay your taxes?
      Well, we are not talking about Christmas shopping, we are talking about satisfying the customer on an important release with high valued stories. Perhaps the kind of stories that will build goodwill and trust with the customer? It might make sense to consider doing these.

      And you can get an extension to pay your taxes, you just have to pay a penalty. Maybe in this situation the penalty is worth paying? Maybe not. There are too many variables we do not know just to issue a blanket statement that it should never be done. I agree it is suspicious and risky, but I would not say its "wrong".

      How are people supposed to learn if they are never allowed to make a mistake? IMO, the risk is low (a few days) and the reward has the potential high to be high if we control scope and follow our standard practices. It could be a good opportunity to learn something about why we do not extend Sprints. Or it could be a way to learn strategies to do this successfully in the rare instances we are asked to.

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