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39422Re: [scrumdevelopment] Extending a Sprint

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Jun 29 12:22 PM
      allisonweiss wrote:
      > I promised a team member I would submit his question (limited yahoo
      > group access here):
      > We have an upcoming release date and our sprint ends several days
      > before the release. Is it OK for us as a team to agree during
      > planning to extent this sprint several days to allow a few extra high
      > value stories to make it into the release? The only other
      > alternative would be to have these stories wait 1 month for the next
      > release date. Which is more valuable in the SCRUM process the
      > software delivered to production or maintaining sprint durations at
      > fixed 2 week intervals?

      You've gotten some good suggestions. Here's one more:

      Do your normal 2-week sprint. Then do the additional stories for the
      release in a pure "pull" process, with only one story in progress at a
      time. I suspect you'll maximize the amount of work that's done-done in
      that way.

      - George

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