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39306Re: Plans are there for planning

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  • inanc_gumus
    Jun 21, 2009
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      hello George,
      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, George Dinwiddie <lists@...> wrote:
      > It's obvious that you're in a tough spot. The CEO seems to think that
      > you're a manager who has made a commitment rather than a scrummaster who
      > has communicated an estimate made by the team. It also seems that the
      > PO is standing back so as not to be closely association with what is
      > likely to be labeled a failure.
      > In your first message, where the CEO asked about the roadmap, I would be
      > tempted to reply, "Let's sit down with the PO and see what our roadmap
      > will be."

      Actually, CEO does not care whether am I a SM or not. He thinks that as you say I am a manager and doing a commitment as a CTO which are responsible for delivering the product in time. The actual problem with this is that we have no release plan. We have stories grouped by themes. And we are delivering some of them in two weeks, and some of them in two months according to the size of the stories.

      I think the only solution is to create a release plan with them (CEO+PO+SM). And then, w/PO+SM+team.

      > I see also (I think) that the PO is outside your company. He may not
      > care to get the most success possible if he can, instead, blame you and
      > your company. You may need a PO Proxy within your company if the
      > current PO isn't collaborative enough. It's not an ideal solution.

      PO is inside our company. He's responsible for a company of our companies' group. And I am a CTO who is pilotting a project for PO's company w/a new team.
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