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39265Re: [scrumdevelopment] Plans are there for planning

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  • Dan Rawsthorne
    Jun 18, 2009
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      Actually, since your CEO is holding the SM accountable for the team's
      progress, it is clear that your SM is actually your PO, who you call
      your PO is actually just a stakeholder... if the SM can deflect the
      CEO's questions over to the PO, that would be better. If he can't, then
      the SM is actually the PO

      Anyway, I see nothing wrong with the CEO's questions. These are what
      you'd expect him to ask. Your SM has just been given the opportunity to
      educate the CEO about scrum. It is a gift. Treat it as such.

      BTW, now that we know that the SM is actually the PO, the team better
      figure out who their SM is so that the original SM can start working
      with the CEO in his role as PO.

      On the process side, I see two things. A need for more visibility, and a
      need for education on scrum. Good luck!

      Dan Rawsthorne, PhD, CST
      Senior Coach, Danube Technologies
      dan@..., 425-269-8628

      inanc_gumus wrote:
      > CEO said to SM:
      > "I am unhappy of your progress. I want to review what you are doing
      > more frequently."
      > "What is planned to be delivered so far? What has done so far? What
      > would be our new road-map after now? What are the delivery times of
      > new items? What would be the business effects of these new items? I
      > want to see ---a clear picture--- of our road-map which will be agreed
      > by PO."
      > By the way, CEO is not our PO. PO is another guy responsible for a
      > company which we as a scrum team are delivering technology.
      > Can you see what's wrong/right here? Is there an impediment you can see?
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