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39253Re: [scrumdevelopment] Plans are there for planning

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  • Sarath Kummamuru
    Jun 18, 2009
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         This situation is exactly why I love Scrum. All the SM needs to do is :

      1. What is planned to be delivered so far:

           Look at the Product Back log and the Release burn down and show him the list of all items that were planned and what is done!

      2. What is done so far?  is also very clearly available from the simple two artifacts that we have above.

      3 What would be our new road map?
           this is actually a question that the PO should be answering but hoping that the Team and the PO are collaborating well the team and the SM included should be able to answer this effectively. If they donot know the PO is not doing his/her job well and should be mentored.
           The team will not be able to do an effective job if the road map is not clear. Esp if the project is in a state where stakeholders are in an Unhappy status, it is even more important that the PO communicates the current status and future road map atleast for a few sprints ahead.

      4. What would be the business effects?
           Again an answer that ideally any one in the team should be able to answer but the primary source for this should be the PO.

      5. Since the PO is not part of the same org, makes life a little more difficult, but then if thats how life goes, your org should basically bring out these aspects and indicate issues which in my opinion seem to be gaps in the communication between the PO and the team.

          In scrum (for that matter any other process) if the PO and the team are not working together, but they are working as a client - vendor relationship, it is not a good situation and you are bound to have these problems.

          For some scrum teams that I coach, we have incorporated aspects of scrum explicitly in the contract to ensure that the responsibility that is expected by a PO is defined clearly and the Customer organization understands that the team will succeed in getting business value out effectively only when their link in the chain (the PO) lives up to the expectations of the role.


      On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 1:01 PM, inanc_gumus <inanc.gumus@...> wrote:

      CEO said to SM:

      "I am unhappy of your progress. I want to review what you are doing more frequently."

      "What is planned to be delivered so far? What has done so far? What would be our new road-map after now? What are the delivery times of new items? What would be the business effects of these new items? I want to see ---a clear picture--- of our road-map which will be agreed by PO."

      By the way, CEO is not our PO. PO is another guy responsible for a company which we as a scrum team are delivering technology.

      Can you see what's wrong/right here? Is there an impediment you can see?


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