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39248RE: [scrumdevelopment] Plans are there for planning

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  • Roy Morien
    Jun 18, 2009
      I am a little bit puzzled here. Can I assume that you are using Scrum as your development approach? (or any other iterative, incrementl, collaborative, adaptive approach).
      If so, why aren't you able to do exactly what the CEO is asking for? (leaving aside the question of exactly who should beasked for what).
      Q: What is planned to be delivered so far? You have a Project Backlog of all the User Stories known about at this time? If so, show it to the CEO; that's the answer to this question.
      Q: What has been done so far? Well, presumably you have been delivering frequently and regularly, and demonstrating the completed components that achieve the requirements implied in each User Story. So ... give him a list of the completed User Stories, and a demo of progress so far, if he is really interested enough to actually see what has been done. OR ask the clients (esp. the PO) toadviser him of what has been achieved so far, and their attitude towards that ... presumably they are happy with the progress, or you would know about it from the Daily Standups and the Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives.
      Q: What would be our new roadmap after now? No problem ... you have a project plan of future iterations, a release plan with dates, and a Project Backlog showing prioritised User Stories. Show him that list and the order in which you are going to develop those User stories.
      Q: What are the delivery times of new items? (and the business affect of thse new items). Oh, no problem here. The PO, together with the team, has put all 'new' items on the prioritised Project Backlog, so that can be shown to him. The decision making process about the prioritising of the User Stories, whic presumably includes some consideration of business value, should be explained. You have all those answers already.
      If this doesn't give him a 'clear picture' of future progress, nothing will I would suggest.

      I am sure that you can satisfy his being 'unhappy with progress' by showing him your burndown charts and explainig your velocity. Are you happy with your velocity? Do you think it is reasonable, or do you think it should and can be improved? Whatever, tell the CEO. What does the guy want? Wjat is his view of 'progress'? Why is he unhappy bout it? Does he even understand what you are doing? Maybe a regular review with him might be a good idea, if your 'progress' is such an important matter to him.
      Let me know what you think ... and do.
      Roy Morien

      To: scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com
      From: j.ozolins@...
      Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 10:46:57 +0300
      Subject: Re: [scrumdevelopment] Plans are there for planning

      One problem I see is that the CEO is asking PO questions to the SM.
      SM can't speak for the PO.
      The impediment that I see is that that, judging by the CEO's questions, PO is not doing his job.
      Am I wrong?
      On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 10:31 AM, inanc_gumus <inanc.gumus@ gmail.com> wrote:

      CEO said to SM:

      "I am unhappy of your progress. I want to review what you are doing more frequently."

      "What is planned to be delivered so far? What has done so far? What would be our new road-map after now? What are the delivery times of new items? What would be the business effects of these new items? I want to see ---a clear picture--- of our road-map which will be agreed by PO."

      By the way, CEO is not our PO. PO is another guy responsible for a company which we as a scrum team are delivering technology.

      Can you see what's wrong/right here? Is there an impediment you can see?

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