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38820Re: Cycles of Discovery / New Poppendieck book

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  • Roman Pichler
    Jun 2, 2009
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      Hi Joe,

      Evolutionary development, also called evolutionary and incremental deployment or delivery, is an important agile product planning strategy. It applies inspect and adapt to product versions/releases. Rather than trying to predict and outguess the market, we quickly launch a first release with limited functionality to see how the market responds. Google, for instance, has employed this strategy very successfully.

      Ethnography is a qualitative market research technique that has become very popular in this decade. Like with any research technique, picking the right respondents is crucial. And even closely studying and moving in with target customers does not guarantee product success in the market place.

      What I recommend in my upcoming book on agile product management is to do just enough market research to have a shared, stable and clear product vision in place and to turn the vision into a product as quickly as possible. Then inspect and adapt. You can find out more about my new book here:


      I agree btw that it is desirable that the entire Scrum team, product owner, ScrumMaster and team, is involved in market research activities and collaborates with target customers.

      Best regards,

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Joseph Little <jhlittle@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > [mostly a resend of a msg accidentally deleted]
      > In looking at the draft of the new Poppendieck book, I noticed a
      > section on Evolutionary Development (Chap 2). I think that Knowledge
      > Creation (eg, as Nonaka discusses it) is key to doing this new
      > product development work.
      > So I very much like this section. They describe cycles of discovery
      > that include:
      > ethnography (go to the Gemba with the people, the users, the customers)
      > collaborative modeling
      > experimentation
      > In my view, these are things the whole team should always be doing.
      > For more info, see the current draft here:
      > http://www.poppendieck.com/llsd_review.htm
      > Book comes out in October...current draft up for a few more
      > weeks. Or so I hear.
      > Regards, Joe
      > Joseph Little
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