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  • Peter Stevens (calendar)
    May 1, 2009
      Hi Eric,

      Once upon a time, when I was a hiring manager, I looked for three things during an interview: passion, personality and skills. Of the three, only skills are learnable. The others, well, you've got them or you don't.

      I've heard a variation of this strategy : passion, personality, presentation. I'm not too comfortable with that variation, because presentation might lack substance. Or it might just be contained within skills. Actually it sounds like it might be an important issue for the position you want to fill.

      My 2cts, from the twilight zone.



      Eric Deslauriers schrieb:
      Hi everyone,

      I was working with a consultant the other day on one of our projects. She's super technical and extremely bright, however she exhibited difficulty getting to the point, the crux of the issue, causing the conversation to lag.

      Since I have interviewing on the brain (assuming we get a pending req approved), it occurred to me that someone with this conversational style would not be a good fit for conversations with senior leadership, which the position I'm hoping to get will need to do on a regular basis.

      Anyone have any pointers for some interview exercises to suss for that? I could try to figure it out, but my brain hurts and why reinvent the wheel anyways? <grin>

      Thanks everyone!!
      Eric D
      Sandy Eggo, CA (Ramona)


      Peter Stevens, CSM, CSP
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