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37986RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: DoD using Scrum?

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  • Mike Dwyer
    Apr 24, 2009


      I'd be grateful if you could go into a little more detail than this blackberry synopsis of the conference. I also feel like my nose was being rubbed in something, but I'm not entirely sure what.

      I would be very interested in hearing how the folks you met at the SSTC who were getting Agile were implementing it. What contract vehicle were they using? Was there the pressure for Cost-plus contracting typical of the defense industry? How were they connecting the customer with the Product Owner and the Product Owners with the teams? How were they meeting the fairly strict Info Assurance requirements that NSA imposes on some systems? Was that part of the definition of done or a set of user stories? I'm honestly very curious about how the DoD is making scrum work.

      I've had the unfortunate luck to be peripherally exposed to a couple of large DoD projects that were called Agile, but much of the limited evidence that I saw made me think that someone had taken simply taken a Spiral RUP system, shuffled it a round a bit so that the spiral deliveries were slightly more regular and closely spaced, and decided it was Agile. It bore very little resemblance to the pleasant Agile experiences I've had.

      So, please elaborate - I am interested (even if my nose is smarting a bit).


      Mark Banziger
      mmbaenz@yahoo. com or mark@hexsaw. com

      --- In scrumdevelopment@ yahoogroups. com, "Mike Dwyer" <mike.dwyer1@ ...> wrote:

      > I just came from sstc, the defense community USAF) systems and software
      conference. I have news for you. These folks get Agile, have real issues with it, and do it at scales that would surprise anyone who hasn't been inside big systems.
      > As a community we are so in love with the thing we do and the way we do it
      that we have no idea how small the part we play in the overall picture and how much the people in that big picture wonder why we can't see how Agile and Scrum can help them get the job done.
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