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37401Is it possible as a scrumteam to plan in our own stories in the sprint?

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  • Paul Mestrum
    Apr 1, 2009
      I'm the scrummaster of a software engineering team that creates, updates and maintains production software used to generate data-products. We want to work on a better nightly build environment with a lot more QC on the data-products, but the backlog that is maintained by our product owner is bigger than what can be planned in during the next sprints. That's why that our QC-improvement stories are postponed without a real guarantee when we will be able to work on. As a team, we are convinced that the added value after 2 or 3 sprints will be that big that our velocity will increase significantly. Is it possible, as a scrumteam, to plan in our own stories, even if the product owner disagrees?
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