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37065RE: [scrumdevelopment] How many chickens is too many?

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  • Roy Morien
    Mar 13, 2009
      I agree entirely, Ron, and my suggestion was not totally serious ... but unfortunately there are some managers who just cannot control themselves, and it is virtually impossible to be transparent with them. Any admission of a problem or a mistake made, or similar admission, is just what such a manager is looking for to allow him (or her) to assert their power and authority. Subterfuge is sometimes a survival tactic.
      Roy Morien

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      Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 07:12:18 -0400
      Subject: Re: [scrumdevelopment] How many chickens is too many?

      Hello, Roy. On Thursday, March 12, 2009, at 2:14:56 PM, you wrote:

      > Maybe a little subterfuge is neccesary. Pretend to have the daily
      > Scrum and make it fast and efficient ... 15 minutes max. Then go
      > somewhere else and have a real one, sans managers :) Maybe have
      > yesterday's Daily Scrum this morning, but don't tell the managers.

      I've probably done such things, but in the end, the relationship
      between team and management cannot prosper unless we work toward
      transparency. This would be a step away from transparency in my
      opinion, and as such a very bad precedent.

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