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37029Re: [scrumdevelopment] How many chickens is too many?

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  • Peter Stevens (calendar)
    Mar 12, 2009
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      Hi Jason,

      How much ham do you put in your omeletts? When does it stop being an omelett iand become just fried ham? Oops, got that backwards. There's gotta be a good joke in there somewhre ;-)

      On all the times I have coached, it has been almost always just the team. Every once in while the Product Owner drops in. In my latest project, the team just insisted that the P-O join the Daily Scrum.

      Why are the managers so interested in being there? Are they really playing by the rules (no talking, no making faces, no giving unwanted advice or instructions before or after the Daily Scrum?)

      The purpose of the Daily Scrum is for the team to self organize, not to inform Stakeholders. If the chickens are making the team uncomfortable, I would politely uninvite the managers.  Probably that's an all or none proposition, and the diplomatic skills of the ScrumMaster must rise to the occaision!


      SJPlante wrote:

      We've run into a situation where some team members feel that there are too many managers attending the daily scrum, and because of that they feel very uncomfortable giving their status. A typical team will have five or six members and sometimes we'll have four or five managers attend the scrum (they are not allowed to speak). Some managers have their arguments as to why they feel they need to be there, arguments that I totally disagree with. So I'm curious as to what a daily scrum looks like at other companies. Other than product owner, scrum master, and team members, who else shows up to your daily scrum?


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