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36938Re: A tale of two Scrums

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  • jens.meydam
    Mar 4, 2009
      Hi Ron

      Thanks for your comment - you helped me make sense of the elephant.

      It's always a delight to read your posts.



      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Ron Jeffries <ronjeffries@...> wrote:
      > Hello, jens.meydam. On Wednesday, March 4, 2009, at 3:36:29 PM,
      > you wrote:
      > > Let me just add that my association of certain practices (like
      > > specification of soon-to-be developed requirements in form of
      > > small, well understood user stories) with XP may stem from my
      > > observation that people close to XP seem to feel particularly
      > > strongly about these practices.
      > Yes, especially since we think we originated the ideas. Not that
      > anyone is counting ...
      > > What I still wonder, though, is whether we are really heading
      > > towards a kind of "Unified Agile Method" combining the best of
      > > Scrum, XP, Chrystal, ... - or whether these approaches to software
      > > development and creative work are not really to some extent incompatible.
      > > I have the impression that - depending on the style of Scrum -
      > > doing Scrum and doing XP can feel very different.
      > I'm not quite sure what that means. Certainly operating at a high
      > level of discipline feels different from a low level. Alistair used
      > to say that Crystal was designed to require low discipline (and
      > implicitly XP wasn't). I see no reason why a sufficiently
      > low-discipline execution of XP wouldn't begin to look a lot like
      > Crystal or Scrum, or why high-discipline versions of those wouldn't
      > look like XP.
      > I think it is all one elephant, whose tail and trunk and legs we
      > grab onto and apply as our needs and judgment dictate.
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