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36933Re: A tale of two Scrums

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  • jens.meydam
    Mar 4, 2009
      Hi Adam

      I appreciate your detailed comments concerning the usage of the term "spike" and the history of the adoption of fine-grained user stories as the preferred way to specify requirements. (Mike Cohn probably deserves some credit for the latter.)

      Let me just add that my association of certain practices (like specification of soon-to-be developed requirements in form of small, well understood user stories) with XP may stem from my observation that people close to XP seem to feel particularly strongly about these practices.

      What I still wonder, though, is whether we are really heading towards a kind of "Unified Agile Method" combining the best of Scrum, XP, Chrystal, ... - or whether these approaches to software development and creative work are not really to some extent incompatible.

      I have the impression that - depending on the style of Scrum - doing Scrum and doing XP can feel very different.


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