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36358RES: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum Best Practices - was "ScrumMaster Best Practices"

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  • Leonardo Frigo da Purificação
    Feb 4, 2009



      I think that doing the evaluation during the Sprint is a pro-active attitude once that it would help the team to identify any mistake or even suggest some improvement. I don't know... Is it hurt the self-organization management?





      > To don't become a bald man (no offenses please), I was thinking about to
      > (stay cool, of course, eat healthy food and) do nothing else, i.e. perform
      > the process as is defined.
      this way the evaluation need to happen exactly
      > in the middle of the Iteration-Sprint to have able time to solve
      > non-compliance issues. More: having lessons learned to contribute in the
      > retrospective.
      Bom dia! You are on the right track, but what would happen if you delayed the evaluations
      until the end of the Sprint?


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