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  • Brad Appleton
    Feb 2, 2009
      Doesnt Scrum also prescribe (or at least REALLY STRONGLY recommend) at
      least daily integration and test-automation? I could swear I remember
      reading that in the first Scrum book from Schwaber and Beedle?

      I'm curious as to how often this problem is encountered even in the face
      of daily/nightly builds and test-automation (but not necessarily
      "continuous" integration, and no TDD, despite the string test-automation).

      What Ive seen is that even with the above (but no refactoring and TDD),
      the problem can still very easily happen. The recent book "Emergent
      Design" suggests that the discipline of Emergent Design (which includes
      both TDD and Refactoring) is the bare minimum in technical practices
      that are needed in conjunction with Scrum (no mention of pairing, tho it
      is often easiest to teach and grow refactoring expertise thru pairing).

      Brad Appleton <brad {AT} bradapp.net>
      Agile CM Environments (http://blog.bradapp.net/)
      & Software CM Patterns (www.scmpatterns.com)
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