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36325Re: Any recommendations on tools for Product Owner?

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  • Mike
    Feb 1, 2009
      Hi Hikhil,

      Since you are using TFS I would suggest using the Share Point site TFS
      creates for your project and creating a custom list. I have been
      successfully using custom Share Point lists for Product Backlog in the
      last 3 years.

      You can add any fields you want to the list including the description,
      acceptance criteria, priority, estimated size, etc. You can create a
      view sorted by priority to show the backlog items in the correct order.

      I am also utilizing some fields like status to be able to filter
      stories that are still not ready for development, stories that are
      currently under development or completed stories.

      Another option is to use the Concahngo template for TFS
      (http://www.scrumforteamsystem.com/en/default.aspx). It has internal
      product backlog and you can use it through the TFS web access interface.

      Hope this helps.

      Mike Robski

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Nikhil Singhal" <nikhil@...>
      > Now that our management is taking the SCRUM concept a little bit
      more seriously, the biggest roadblock (as I see it) is a good tool on
      which the executive mgmt can agree for maintaining the product
      backlog. Some seem to like excel, some like activeCollab and some word.
      > Is there a tool which most SCRUM product owners use? On a side note,
      we do have Microsoft TFS for source control, reporting, etc.
      > Thanks for the advice.
      > Nikhil
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