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36292Re: [scrumdevelopment] Any recommendations on tools for Product Owner?

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Jan 30, 2009
      Nikhil Singhal wrote:
      > Excellent advice. We have a prioritization meeting tomorrow again and I
      > will get the ideas on 3 * 5 cards and take it.
      > Also, how about taking poker chips in addition to these cards and
      > handing lets say 50 of them to each exec and ask them to place them
      > across all the cards. This way, we can get a relative weight too.

      That's not a bad idea. See Luke Hohmann's Innovation Games.

      > The problem I am seeing is that arriving at a consensus on deciding
      > which is the right order of tackling those priorities is getting
      > difficult. Believe me that these guys have the best in their hearts
      > for the growth of the company but I seeing them struggle in order to
      > find a common way in which to prioritize all the # 1 and # 2 items.

      Another technique is to have them arrange the 3 by 5 cards in a strict
      priority. "Is this card more important or less important than this
      other one?" It's a combination of an insertion sort and a bubble sort.

      A bunch of 3x5 cards and a wall covered in corkboard can be a great
      enterprise planning tool. There are many different ways of arranging
      it. You can mark off rows and columns and special areas with blue
      painters' tape.

      - George

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